Han Solo, Rhett Butler with a Blaster and a Kool Ship

After Disney's last vomitorial Star Wars movie (The Last Jedi), I thought the franchise might be lost forever. Like a savior descending from the heavens, Solo brings the magic of Lucas' world back. While The Last Jedi achieved new levels of terrible, I held out some hope that Solo would rock--not only because it focuses on Han Solo (the koolest smuggler since Rhett Butler) but also because Lawrence Kasdan (and his son) wrote the script. Kasdan, a master of screenwriting, penned The Empire Strikes Back (the greatest movie ever), Raiders of the Lost Ark (the fourth greatest movie ever), Body Heat (one of the best neo-noir movies), French Kiss, and others. (*Although one should note that Harrison Ford actually wrote the best parts of both The Empire Strikes Back [the "I know" line after Leia tells Han she loves him] and Raiders of the Lost Ark [the scene where Indiana Jones simply pulls out his gun and shoots the flashy sword fighter]). Additionally, Solo acquired accomplished director Ron Howard to helm the film after its initial directors left the project.

I won't spoil here, but the story is solid and the film boasts a old-skool Star Wars tone. It does an excellent job of linking little details from across the Star Wars universe. Childish Gambino nails Lando Calrissian and Alden Ehrenreich does about a good a job as anyone could ask in filling the shoes of Harrison Ford as Han Solo. Solo, indeed, rocks. Han and crew make the "Kessel Run" in 12 par secs (if you round down)... And, apparently, Woody Harrelson's Tobias Beckett killed Aurra Sing! Fuckin' kool.

Only complaint: everyone knows Han wasn't running fuel cells out of Kessel. He was running "spices," i.e. fucking drugs. Anyway, this is what happens to Lucas' original ideas after he dealt with the devil in Mickey Mouse ears.