She Always Wants Revenge

I had the chance to see my favorite hometown band, She Wants Revenge (SWR), play in New Orleans at the House of Blues. SWR is touring in celebration of the ten-year anniversary of their fucking amazing self-titled debut album.

Here's my video of SWR performing one of my favs: "These Things."

After the show, I chatted with Justin. I told him that SWR and Jane's Addiction (JA) are the two greatest L.A. bands ever. He agreed on JA but said there were a ton of other bands that take the title. One thing is for sure, however; SWR is the GOAT from the San Fernando Valley. "V" for Valley. Yeah, ya know the Sherman Oaks-Studio City nexus. Totally stoked--he said he's working on a film about the Valley. I can't wait to see his take on the unsung (actually very sung about) hero-region of Los Angeles.